What is a Podcast?

A podcast is an audio file similar to a radio broadcast, which can be downloaded via the internet and listened to on a computer, mp3 player, mobile phone, etc. Podcasts also allow users to subscribe to a feed to receive new files automatically. In our case, a podcast allows you to digitally receive our sermons automatically, every time a new sermon is posted.

How do I listen to the Woodlands Church of Christ Podcasts?

Download iTunes

The first step in getting your subscription to the Woodlands Church of Christ Podcast is to download the latest free version of Apple iTunes if you have a windows pc or mac. If you have an Apple mobile device, iTunes is already installed on the device.


Subscribe to our Podcast by searching for 'Woodlands Church Church of Christ' on iTunes or visiting the Woodlands Church of Christ iTunes pageand clicking 'view in iTunes'. Once you have found the Woodlands Church of Christ Podcast in iTunes, click 'Subscribe'.

Manually Add to iTunes

You can also manually add the Woodlands Church of Christ Podcast to iTunes on your computer. Click 'File' > 'Subscribe to Podcast', and enter http://www.woodlandschurchofchrist.org/sermons/podcast' in the URL box and click 'OK'. 

To do this automatically, click the 'Add to iTunes' button and click 'Open URL:iTunes Podcast' when prompted.